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10/16/2013 St. Catherine Hospital

St. Catherine's Centers for Mental Wellness Offer Team Approach, Dignity, Respect

Northwest Indiana residents suffering from depression or other mental and behavioral health disorders will benefit from a recent $2 million renovation project at St. Catherine Hospital. The project serves to not only upgrade the unit – adding safety features and increasing capacity – but also expands the reach of the program with a new outpatient facility in Schererville.

St. Catherine’s legacy in the past 85 years is one of extraordinary care and healing and of treating people with dignity, passed on by staff members in all departments on all levels.

Behind the ongoing success of the well-rounded, individualized care that is found on the Neurobehavioral unit are the psychiatrists, internal medicine physicians, psychologists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, recreational therapists, occupation therapists, mental health workers and chaplains who work with the patients.

“Many of our Neurobehavioral Medicine staff have been here for many years, and some are new, but all of share a passion for extraordinary psychiatric treatment and care,” said JoAnn Birdzell, St. Catherine Hospital CEO. “The way a patient walks onto our units cannot be compared to how they are when they are able to leave our units…thinking, feeling, and behaving in a new way that promotes overall health and wholeness,” she said.

Neurobehavioral Medicine Nurse Manager, Scot West, RN says therapies and programs are designed around each patient’s individual diagnosis.

“From yoga and Tai-Chi to spirituality groups, to specific groups focusing on depression, anxiety, and impulse control disorders; the goals of mood stabilization, improved coping strategies and the development of a healthier lifestyle and relapse prevention are specifically tailored for each person,” West said.

Recreational therapist Ann Bobos directs group therapy and incorporates a variety of therapies. “We do group work that includes things such as activities on the Wii to journaling, reading activities, art and other projects to help patients transition back home,” Bobos said.

Full hospital care is available on two inpatient treatment units with a total of 23 beds to provide for those who need close medical supervision. A treatment day consists of individual and group psychotherapy, medication management, family support sessions, recreational therapy and spiritual care. All services are available in English and Spanish.

“Education is an important aspect of our care with the goals of helping patients and their families understand their illness, fully participate in treatment and develop positive coping techniques,” said medical director of the Neurobehavioral Medicine program Joseph Fanelli, MD.

“Our team brings together knowledge and techniques from the medical, behavioral and social sciences to provide treatment for a wide range of health conditions,” said Fanelli. “We work together to meet the needs of the entire person with care that ranges from general counseling to cutting edge, state-of the-art innovations,” he said.

In addition to the expansion project at the hospital, we’ve expanded Neurobehavioral Medicine services on the outpatient side with a facility in Schererville - our Centers for Mental Wellness, said Craig Bolda, chief operating officer. “With this latest project, St. Catherine Hospital is able to continue to provide quality, convenient care and help our patients give the care and support they need to cope with the stresses of life,” he said.

“Our inpatient facility patients are prepared for the outside world with a continuum of care,” West said. “They can continue on their healing journey through the outpatient center in Schererville.”

“There is a need to grow this area of medicine and St. Catherine Hospital, known for its rich history, commitment to innovative technology and excellence in patient care, is making that investment,” said West.

The Schererville facility, located at 6625 W. Lincoln Highway on U.S. 30 and Harvest Drive, offers individual, group and family psychotherapy among other treatments.

Locations for Outpatient Centers for Mental Wellness:

6625 W. Lincoln Highway
Southwest corner of US 30 & Harvest Drive

East Chicago:
St. Catherine Hospital – 3rd Floor
4321 Fir Street

St. Catherine Hospital’s Neurobehavioral Medicine program serves adults with:
- Anxiety disorders
- Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
- Eating disorders
- Full cognitive (thinking and problem-solving) assessment
- Memory & attention examinations
- Neuropsychological testing
- Post-partum neurobehavioral disorders/parenting issues
- Post-traumatic stress disorder
- Psychological testing
- Mood disorders
- Treatment-resistant psychiatric disorders

Consultation and evaluation services are available in both English and Spanish.

For more information or to make an appointment, call 219-392-7025.
Angela Moore, Director Marketing & Community Relations