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Vim and Vigor Magazine

Fall 2018 Vim and Vigor cover

Vim & Vigor is Community Healthcare System's family health magazine containing helpful information on your health. This quarterly publication also features articles on Community Healthcare System services, highlighting patient experiences with new treatment approaches.

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Community Message – The Best Vascular Care, close to Home
Community Briefs – Nursery Safe Sleep Practices are Gold
At Home at Hartsfield
New Horizons in Care
The Sounds of Healing

Spotlight: Community Hospital – Breakthrough stroke care arrives at Community Hospital
Spotlight: St. Catherine Hospital – Robotic surgery latest in long line of advances at St. Catherine Hospital
Spotlight: St. Mary Medical Center Staff helps Miller resident survive sepsis
Ask the Expert – Infectious Disease Specialist Dafer Al-Haddadin, MD, FACP
Extraordinary People Stories (Testimonials)
Patricia Fointno
Kenneth Edgington

2018 Issues

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Vim and Vigor Fall 2018   
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2017 Issues

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