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Vim and Vigor Magazine

Summer 2018 Vim and Vigor cover

Vim & Vigor is Community Healthcare System's family health magazine containing helpful information on your health. This quarterly publication also features articles on Community Healthcare System services, highlighting patient experiences with new treatment approaches.

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Community Message - Embracing New Ideas and Treatments
Community Briefs - Opening Eyes to the Goodness in the World
Staying one step ahead of Breast Cancer
For the athlete in all of us
A virtual leap in Stroke Care
Spotlight: Community Hospital - LINX procedure offers patients relief from acid reflux
Spotlight: St. Catherine Hospital - Free cardiovascular assessments a lifesaving resource for patients
Spotlight: St. Mary Medical Center - Community paramedicine brings paramedics to area homes to help patients manage their health
Ask the Expert - Neurologist Andrea DeLeo, DO, MSE
Extraordinary People Stories (Testimonials)
Fortunetta Brack - Community Hospital LINX procedure
Alan Arendt - St. Catherine Hospital cardiovascular assessment
Joe Kusiak - St. Mary Medical Center community paramedicine program

2018 Issues

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Summer 2018 Vim and Vigor cover
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2017 Issues

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2017 summer issue - Vim and Vigor
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Vim and Vigor 2017 Winter edition
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2016 Issues

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