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Vim and Vigor Magazine

Spring 2019 Vim and Vigor cover

Vim & Vigor is Community Healthcare System's family health magazine containing helpful information on your health. This quarterly publication also features articles on Community Healthcare System services, highlighting patient experiences with new treatment approaches.

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Community Message – Caring for you at every stage of life
Community Briefs – Walking for a cause
Healing Hearts with cardiac rehabilitation
Family Birthing Centers deliver extraordinary care
Childbirth education classes directory
Spotlight: Community Hospital – Deep brain stimulation returns quality of life for Parkinson’s patients
Spotlight: St. Catherine Hospital – Behavioral Health Services’ treatment helps suicide survivor cope
Spotlight: St. Mary Medical Center – Clinic aids in successful heart failure and COPD symptom management
Ask the Expert – Oncologist Amer Sidani, MD
Extraordinary People Stories (Testimonials)
Deb Shurr
Tom Michna
Mike Matthew
Byanca Tiggs Jackson
Tracy Sharp
Lisa Bailey
Virgil Jackson
Russ Nelson

2019 Issues

Spring 2019 Vim & Vigor cover
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2018 Issues

Spring 2018 Vim and Vigor
Summer 2018 Vim and Vigor cover
Vim and Vigor Fall 2018   Vim and Vigor Winter 2018 cover
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2017 Issues

2017 spring vim and vigor cover
2017 summer issue - Vim and Vigor
Fall Vim and Vigor
Vim and Vigor 2017 Winter edition
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2016 Issues

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2015 Issues

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2014 Issues

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2013 Issues

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