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Unity is Northwestern Indiana’s premier Heath Information Exchange (HIE). An HIE is designed to share health information between hospitals, physicians and other care givers. The primary goal of the HIE is to improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care through eliminating the need for duplicate tests.

The information in Unity is very secure and only caregivers that are providing care to the patient will have access to the health information. Unity conforms to all HIPAA and HITECH policies and utilizes state of the art privacy monitoring software to insure that privacy and confidentiality of data is maintained.

Why should you participate in Unity?

  • To provide your physician with access to all your data in the hospital, physician practices and other medical providers.
  • Lab Corp and Quest will be contributing data to Unity and your physician will be able to have immediate access to these lab results.
  • Community Healthcare System will share your confidential health information with your physician in their office through Unity.
  • Unity through the Indiana Health Information Exchange will have access to information from all other medical facilities in Indiana.
  • Unity will utilize advanced analytics to identify potential health risks related to each patient ultimately providing early intervention for illness.

Your physician is actively participating in Community Healthcare Partners and Unity however, if you no longer are interested in participating you may be opted out by submitting your information using the following downloadable form:

Opt Out Form