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Well Walkers

Event Details

St. Catherine's Hospital offers a free walking club at various locations with various topics each month. 

Call 392-7104 for St. Catherine Hospital POB Conference Room, 4321 Fir St.,  East Chicago, 1st Weds of month 11:00 am.
Call 313-3934 for the Wicker Park Social Center, 2125 Ridge Rd., Highland 1st Tues of the month 1:00 p.m.
Call 392-7135 for the Whiting Public Library Meeting Room, 1735 Oliver St., Whiting- 2nd Thursday of the month at 1 p.m.

Why join the Well Walker's Club

 The weather is always perfect.  The Whiting Community Center has an indoor walking track as well as treadmills.
 The membership is FREE and you receive a free pedometer when you join.
 Monthly club meetings held at the Whiting Community Center include health education programs and/or screenings.
 There will be quarterly drawings for great prizes.
 The program rewards you for walking toward better health.

Who can walk?

Adults over 18 who are free of serious health problems can begin to walk immediately. If you are over 40 and/or you have high blood pressure or other cardiovascular problems, you should consult your physician before beginning any kind of exercise program.

How to join the Well Walker's Club?

New members join at the monthly meetings.

Membership is FREE, but any dues or fees that may be charged is at the discretion of the facility and paid directly to the facility.

This program is sponsored by St. Catherine Hospital.