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Inpatient Services

Nursing staff in the Older Adult Behavioral Services Unit of St. Catherine Hospital, East Chicago, IN

Full Spectrum of Care

Hospitalization for people suffering from acute psychiatric disorders may be the most appropriate alternative, if they are unable to live independently or may even pose a danger to themselves or others.

Short-term hospitalization is offered to adults and older adults at St. Catherine Hospital through referrals from medical staff physicians or Emergency Departments across Northwest Indiana.

Our board-certified team of psychiatrists, licensed therapists, nurse practitioners and other specialists help patients work through their crisis, diagnose or manage mental or emotional illness and transition to successful independent living.


Our mental health care team will do an in-depth psychiatric evaluation and triage. Together, the team will check for underlying medical or biochemical origins to help determine the cause of cognitive and emotional distress. Behavioral health specialists will work with the patient, their family and others to get to the heart of the psychiatric crisis, develop an appropriate course of care and set a plan to put their lives back in balance at home and in the community. 

Contemporary inpatient care

Behavioral Health Services at St. Catherine Hospital offers secure semi-private rooms with walk-in showers and 24-hour monitored care in units featuring:

  • Private consultation rooms
  • Sensory suites for mood management
  • Visitors lounges
  • Day rooms with maximum exposure to natural light for socialization, exercise and group therapy

Personalized treatment

Behavioral Health Services offers a contemporary approach to psychiatric inpatient and intensive outpatient care with individualized treatment plans that may include:

  • Emergency and crisis intervention
  • Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)
  • Geropsychiatry to help older adults and their families cope with the challenges of aging
  • Ketamine infusion
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Assistance to access community resources


St. Catherine Hospital
Inpatient Behavioral Health Services
4321 Fir St., East Chicago, IN

To learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation, call 219-392-7025.