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About Us

Our Mission

To reduce the cancer morbidity and mortality in our community by supporting and advancing cancer detection, diagnosis, treatment, education and prevention efforts of the Community Healthcare System, and by promoting the acquisition of knowledge through clinical research.

Making Strides in Cancer Care... in Our Community

  • Enrolled area women in the largest national best cancer prevention trial, which established a new treatment option for women at high risk.
  • Participated in the National PET Registry evaluating the use of PET scans for cancer care. The data collected through the registry validated the importance of PET scans and led Medicare to increase its payment coverage for these tests.
  • Enrolled area cancer patients in a study for the treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer, which has since become the standard of care, improving survival.
  • Enrolled area women with Her2 positive breast cancer in studies evaluating medications found to improve survival.
  • Contributed hundreds of tissue and blood specimen samples to help increase knowledge of the makeup of cancer and how different proteins are expressed on cancer cells. This data is being used to develop medications that target cancer more effectively, causing fewer side effects.
  • Enrolled patients in a study evaluating a medication for metastatic lung cancer found to improve disease-free survival.
  • Provide genetic screening for women diagnosed at high risk for breast cancer through the hospitals of the Community Healthcare System.
  • Assisted with Bone Marrow Transplant Registry drive securing nearly 500 new donors.

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