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Trilogy System

Trilogy For A Cure

Advanced technology for conventional radiation therapy is found in the Varian Trilogy™ linear accelerator at Community Hospital.

The Trilogy System provides you with a broad range of treatment options, and the best chance for tumor control with the least damage to nearby healthy tissue.

Since the Trilogy and CyberKnife systems were installed by the Community Healthcare System in 2005, our patients have had access to the most advanced and comprehensive radiation technology available in the country. Community Healthcare System has been distinguished nationally for its work with lung, breast, prostate and many other forms of cancer.

How it Works

The Trilogy™ linear accelerator system is an imaging and treatment machine wrapped into one.

Doctors take an image as you are being treated, so they know exactly where the tumor is in your body and can direct radiation to it in a precise way.It allows us to do what’s called a cone-beam CT. We use the machine to take a CT scan of the treatment area. This ensures accuracy in your treatment, and helps us make adjustments -- if needed, to make sure the radiation is delivered in an optimal way.

It also allows doctors to treat small lesions and tumors located close to vital areas, like the heart. 

Trilogy is equipped with optical guidance cameras, so tumor motion is detected and dealt with during treatment. An infrared monitoring device turns radiation beams on-and-off to coincide with your breathing cycles. This enables the team to treat lesions that might not have been treatable in the past, improve outcomes and protect healthy tissues to greater degrees.

To see how it works, check out this video link

Who it Helps

The Trilogy System, with its stereotactic radiosurgery capabilities, applies higher doses of radiation to smaller areas over short increments. Because of this technique, Trilogy is well-suited for small legions and early cancer metastases.

But that's not all: Trilogy can be used to treat benign and malignant brain tumors, arteriovenous malformations, trigeminal neuralgia and other neurological conditions. 

To Learn More

Community Healthcare System offers the area's most comprehensive cancer care program, with a broad range of treatment and diagnostic options. In addition to advanced cancer-fighting technology and radiation therapy treatments, dedicated inpatient and outpatient oncology and home healthcare services are available at its three hospitals.

Our patients receive support from the Community Cancer Research Foundation and the Cancer Resource Centre in Munster. The Research Foundation offers access to the area's largest cancer research program, linked to major cooperatives in the U.S. and Canada. The Cancer Resource Centre can guide you through the cancer experience with free education, professional counseling and complementary therapies to heal the mind, body and spirit.

To find out if the Trilogy™ is an option for you, or to learn about other advanced radiation therapy treatments, such as TrueBeam and CyberKnife, call:

CyberKnife Center at St. Catherine Hospital, 219-392-7319.
Radiation Therapy of Community Hospital, 219-836-6390.
Radiation Therapy of St. Mary Medical Center, 219-942-5745.