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Our Trainers

Annette BowmanANNETTE – has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and is an A.C.E. certified personal trainer. Annette’s philosophy is based on “educating you and helping you to reach your fitness goals. I encourage consistency and a positive attitude toward exercise. I believe in teaching correct form and making sure you are aware of the muscles you are training and why you perform certain exercises. This enables you to better understand exercise in general. I believe your body and mind are your most important assets.

BECKY – has a Bachelor of Science degree in Fitness Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Health/Fitness/Nutrition. She is an A.C.E. certified personal trainer and A.F.A.A. certified group instructor. Becky’s goal as a trainer is to help you reach the personal attainable goals that you have set and help you enjoy the journey. “I believe that training should be a fun and enjoyable experience as well as one that is satisfying and rewarding. I like to show the many different alternate ways to perform exercises as well as variations to do at home without expensive equipment.”

BONNIE – has a personal training certification from Prairie State College, is an A.C.E. certified personal trainer and has an A.C.E. specialty certificate in Orthopedic Exercise. “I believe age is only a number! My passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle was borne out of my own personal journey that began in my mid-adult life. Everyone has different goals and that is why I have designed customized programs for each client so that the benefit always outweighs the risk. Learning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an everyday commitment. I love sharing that journey with my clients.”

Cathy TrebsCATHY – is an A.C.E. certified personal trainer and a F.A.I. Certified Functional Aging Specialist. “I enjoy working with people from ALL age groups. I get great satisfaction from watching people progress and reach a level of fitness they never thought possible.”


CHRIS – has a Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis on Health-Fitness Instruction; is a N.A.S.M. certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and corrective exercise specialist. “My main goal is to teach you how to train ‘functionally,’ which will take you much further in your training than basic weight machines and reps. As a result, you will benefit from being more balanced, stronger and more flexible. Remember, the only person you are trying to beat is the person you were yesterday!”

DaveDAVE – has a bachelor’s degree and is a N.S.C.A., C.S.C.S. certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. “I like to keep things simple, but effective, placing quality before quantity. Our goal is not fatigue; it is a toned and energetic new you! I enjoy working with all ages and abilities, and look to challenge both myself and my clients.”

Diedra SwadenerDEIDRA – has an IMX Advanced Pilates certification; is an A.A.F.A. certified personal trainer; is an A.E.A. certified aquatic instructor; F.A.I. certified Functional Aging Specialist and completed Training for Warriors certification. “My goal is your passion. I want to help you succeed in regaining your health. If your mind can believe, the body can achieve.”

EMILY – has a bachelor’s degree in Fitness Management; is an A.C.E. certified personal trainer and certified health coach. “My goal is to provide you with fun and personalized training sessions that promote adherence. I want you to enjoy fitness while getting the results you are looking for. I strive to incorporate and teach innovative and functional techniques that will improve your physique, quality of life and make you feel great!”

ERIC – has a bachelor’s degree; is an A.C.E. certified personal trainer, is a Titleist Performance Institute TPI Golf Fitness Instructor and a F.A.I. certified Functional Aging Specialist. “My philosophy is to utilize functional training methods that are effective and time efficient. When you are physically active, motivated, challenged and emotionally stimulated, positive results are inevitable. Let me help you!”

JAIME – has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, is an A.C.E. certified personal trainer and health coach. “My goal as a trainer is to provide motivation and education to my clients. I enjoy teaching beginners how to build a foundation and help experienced exercisers improve or enhance their workouts with fun new challenges. I believe improving health and fitness improves all aspects of life.”

Jon DrobacJON – is an N.A.S.M. certified personal trainer and an N.A.S.M. certified corrective exercise specialist. “You are never too old to live a healthy lifestyle. Motivation is what gets you started; habit is what keeps you going.”


KATHLEEN “KATE” – is an A.C.E. certified behavioral change specialist; a certified nutritional specialist; a certified life strategies wellness coach, a certified lifestyle and weight management coach and an A.C.E. certified personal trainer. “My focus is to help you become aware of what health and life goals you desire, what challenges or roadblocks you see on your journey and together develop an action plan to help you reach your goals. Working together as a team, based on what is important to you, building on positive experiences and moving forward is the desired outcome. Truly, your health is your wealth!”

Katie McNicholasKATIE – has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance and is a certified Pilates instructor. “I think anyone can achieve good health and wellness; if you are dedicated and strive to reach your ultimate goal while utilizing all resources available.”


KEVIN – has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education, is an A.C.E. certified personal trainer and is a TRX (Suspension) certified instructor. “It is important to me to provide you with a challenging, fun, positive approach to exercise which achieving your ultimate goals in building a new healthy and long-lasting lifestyle.”

KrystalKRYSTLE – has a bachelor’s degree in Fitness Management, is currently working on a comprehensive Pilates instructor certification from Balanced Body and is an A.C.E. certified group instructor. “It’s a wonderful thing when your career and passion come together. My passion in Pilates gives me the opportunity to change one body at a time. Using concentration, breathing, and other Pilates principles helps the mind and body perform daily functional living.”

LeslieLESLIE – has a Bachelor of Science degree; is an A.C.E. certified personal trainer; is a F.A.I. certified Functional Aging Specialist, an A.F.A.A. certified group instructor; is R.I.P.P.E.D. certified and PIYO (Pilates/Yoga). “My goal as a trainer is to push you to your potential. Exercise has a place in everyone’s life and the key is to find out when and where it fits.”

LiliaLILIA – is an A.C.E. certified personal trainer; A.F.F.A. certified group instructor; R.I.P.P.E.D. certified instructor and a ZUMBA certified instructor. “My goal is to inspire others to view exercise as a recreation and not as a chore. Keep it fun; keep it interesting. Being fit is just a cherry on top.”


NikNIK –
received his certification as a personal trainer from Prairie State College and is an A.C.S.M certified personal trainer. He believes, “no two people are the same; therefore no two programs should be the same.”


PattyPATTY – is an A.E.A. certified Aquatic Exercise instructor. “My goal as a trainer is to provide a safe and effective training program which includes fundamentals of functionality and fun. I try to motivate my clients to incorporate fitness into their daily lives.”


RitaRITA – obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science; is an A.C.E. certified personal trainer; an A.C.E. fitness nutrition specialist and is a F.A.I. certified Functional Aging Specialist. “I believe that within each person is the heart of an athlete…the desire to win and overcome the challenge that is before you. Whether it is losing weight or achieving your fitness goal, with the right tools and motivation; you will achieve success.”

TRACY – has a Bachelor of Science degree; is an N.S.C.A., C.S.C.S. certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist; is an N.A.S.M. Golf Fitness Specialist and F.A.I. Functional Aging Specialist. “My goal is to provide the highest standard of personal training for my clients. I will motivate, educate, set goals, and develop a safe realistic and most importantly, a FUN workout. Life is better when we are happy. Exercise is more enjoyable if we have fun exercising; we will incorporate it as part of a healthy lifestyle. This makes us feel better and improves our self-image resulting in a happier life.”