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Laser Erase Center

Erase Unwanted Tattoos

Change is inevitable, our personalities, our style, our beliefs evolve over time. For some, that includes a change of heart about their tattoos. Whether it’s because of design or placement, or message, you can start anew!

The Laser Center of Community Hospital offers the most advanced, FDA-approved laser technology to remove unwanted tattoos safely and effectively. Our PicoSure® laser can successfully remove tattoos of various colors and sizes, with fewer treatments and less discomfort than other tattoo removal methods. It treats all ink colors more effectively, shattering the ink into tiny microscopic particles that are more quickly absorbed and eliminated by your body. This laser delivers short energy bursts to target the area without damaging the surrounding skin. At the Laser Center, treatments are performed by specialty trained health professionals in a comfortable medical setting. The number of treatments depends upon the size of the tattoo as well as location, depth and color.

Whether you got a tattoo that you no longer like or fits your lifestyle or you have a tattoo that you want to modify, Laser Eraser Center of Community Hospital can get it off FAST! Call us today at 219-641-3829.