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Heart Care

The hospitals of Community Healthcare System operate one of the largest cardiovascular programs in Northwest Indiana, offering a high level of expertise in performing diagnostic testing, cardiac and peripheral interventions, open heart and valve surgeries, cardiac rehabilitation, heart failure management and disease prevention. Our reputation for quality care has attracted some of the most talented heart specialists and health professionals in the Midwest.

All of our hospitals have earned accreditation as Chest Pain Centers. Heart attack patients are treated and stabilized from the first point of contact when the chances of recovering are the greatest.

We offer our residents the most advanced technologies for heart valve care through Community Hospital and St. Mary Medical Center’s Advanced Heart & Vascular Institute, which includes our Structural Heart Valve Clinics. Patients with complex valve conditions are evaluated, diagnosed and treated at our hospitals rather than traveling out of the area to university medical center settings.

Founded on a belief that heart and vascular disease is preventable, we strive to identify disease from its earliest stages so it can be more effectively managed. Through screenings, research and community education programs, we work with individuals and families to promote lifestyle choices that lower the risk of developing heart and vascular disease.

Our ability to precisely identify the nature of a heart problem enables our team to implement the most effective course of medical intervention. Patients are cared for in dedicated units with advanced technology and specially trained staff. We offer the latest, non-invasive, minimally invasive and complex heart and vascular surgeries and procedures available in Northwest Indiana.