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Heart Screenings

Know Your Risk

Community Healthcare System promotes awareness of the causes of heart and vascular disease and works with individuals, community, and business partners to devise and implement early detection and management programs for heart disease. Educational programs are offered to help individuals understand the implications of the results and how lifestyle changes can lower that risk. Various levels of screenings at a discounted rate are offered as part of our commitment to detect heart and vascular disease early and thus, better manage the disease process. These screenings help assess an individual's risk for developing coronary artery disease or other underlying health conditions, as well as provide educational consultations to decrease the risk of developing heart disease.

Visit our Educational Calendar for a listing of screenings and events.

Support - Mended Hearts


Mended Hearts is a specially trained group of volunteers, who inspire hope in heart disease patients and their families. These volunteers call upon their own personal heart disease experiences and offer support, education, information and advocacy to cardiac patients while in the hospital, assisting with the patient's emotional recovery, and helping the patient and his/her family approach treatment and recovery with a positive outlook.

Special Events

Mended Hearts holds support group meetings for members, heart patients, and their families. Programs of social and educational interest are presented with topics varying from new medical techniques to exercise, diet, and lifestyle. A second component of the Mended Hearts organization is the visiting program.

How to Get Involved

Mended Hearts meets every other month at Fitness Pointe® 219-934-2830 or 219-836-4526, or call St. Mary Medical Center, 219-947-6085 for their meeting agenda.