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Neuroscience Units

Neuroscience Intensive Care

We understand that critically ill patients require a delicate balance of specialized treatment and family comfort. Our facilities are designed for advanced care and comfortable enough for family members to visit their loved ones as needed.

Community Hospital’s Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit and St. Mary Medical Center's Intensive Care Unit both have private patient rooms specifically designed to enhance care for serious conditions. Neurologists and nursing staff provide individualized, patient-focused care for patients who have suffered an acute stroke, are recovering from brain or spine surgeries or are neurologically unstable and require frequent assessment or monitoring.

The unit is equipped with advanced technology needed to treat patients with the most critical neurological conditions in a welcoming environment that promotes family visitation, which is crucial to the healing process. Our team combines critical care training with a patient-centered focus so that you get the best care during your stay.

Neuroscience Intermediate Care

Our Neuroscience Department’s multidisciplinary intermediate care team is focused on patient recovery and quality of life. Staff members conduct care conferences with the patient and family throughout the patient’s stay to ensure optimal care and to identify the individual discharge needs of each patient.

The Neuroscience Intermediate Care Unit has rooms designed for the continued structured care of patients whose condition has improved or who have less critical needs. This unit is designed for more stable patients recovering from recent stroke or TIA, who have sustained less critical brain or spine surgeries, or who have other diagnoses that require specialized neurological assessment.