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Current Providers and Staff


Occupational Health at Community Healthcare System has been providing extraordinary healthcare to the working community in Northwest Indiana for decades.

As a trusted name in providing extraordinary occupational healthcare, our team believes strongly in workplace wellness and understands that injury case management is driven by the goals of controlling medical expenses and reducing loss-time. As healthcare partners with our clients, we specialize in preventing injuries and ongoing care to keep workers healthy and productive.

We provide excellent, compassionate service and cost-effective solutions for a full spectrum of care. Woven throughout is our commitment to education in the workplace to help prevent injuries, reinforce self-responsibility, worker wellness and problem-solving. 


  • Anjali Kalra, MD, Medical Director, Munster: 219-440-5286
  • Mohamad Turkmani, MD, Medical Director, East Chicago, Hobart and Portage: 219-392-7424
  • Usha Vyas-Major, MD, Staff Physician, Hobart: 219-947-6495
  • Mark Gardner, MD, Staff Physician, East Chicago: 219-392-7424
  • Priya Shastri, MD, Staff Physician, Portage: 219-947-6628
  • John Danielson, MD, Staff Physician, Hobart: 219-947-6495
  • Victoria Barajas, Nurse Practitioner, Portage: 219-947-6628

Operations Managers

  • Jo Anne McDonald, Regional Director (East Chicago, Hobart, Portage): 219-392-7460 
  • Jill Chorba, Clinical Operations (East Chicago, Hobart, Portage): 219-392-7424
  • Rich Buchler, Director (Munster): 219-226-2205
  • Kristine Graun, Site Manager (Munster): 219-440-5307


  • Susan Mizgate, Regional Sales: 219-789-9430
  • Rick Weber, Regional Sales: 219-802-6158


  • Billing Office (Regional): 219-392-7562