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Wound Care

Helping You Heal

Our wound care team specializes in the treatment of chronic and hard-to-heal wounds, including sores and wounds that have not improved significantly during the course of a typical treatment. With our state-of-the-art care, people with chronic or non-healing wounds can return to a normal, healthy lifestyle.

Our comprehensive approach can heal wounds that have resisted other treatments, help avoid loss of limbs, and reduce the potential for recurrence.

What type of wounds can be treated?

Types of wound treated by our wound and ostomy care centers include:

  • Pressure ulcers (bed sores)
  • Wounds from poor circulation (arterial ulcers or venous stasis wounds)
  • Diabetic (neuropathic) ulcers
  • Nonhealing surgical sites
  • Infected wounds and gangrene
  • Wounds caused by lymphedema
  • Chronic, poorly healing wounds
  • Draining wounds
  • Fistulas (abnormal connection)
  • Burns
  • Radiation tissue damage 

What types of treatments will I receive?

Your treatment plan will be designed with your individual needs and unique situation in mind. Treatments provided at Community Healthcare System hospitals and outpatient centers include:

  • Negative pressure wound therapy, such as wound V.A.C.® therapy.
  • Compression therapy (wrapping) for swelling, fluid retention (edema) or circulatory problems.
  • Wound debridement, or the gentle removal of unhealthy tissue in the wound.
  • Modalities, such as ultrasound, pulsed lavage for cleansing and electrical stimulation.
  • Ultrasonic debridement.
  • Ultrasound mist, a technology that allows sound waves to be delivered to the wound through a saline mist.
  • Epidermal harvesting.

Specially trained physicians, therapists, orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists, urologists, nurse practitioners and other skilled healthcare professionals offer a comprehensive package of services, from diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and preventive education.
Our physical therapy department works closely with our wound specialists to administer wound care treatments.

For patients who may have other complicating factors, regular wound care appointments for maintenance and follow-up may be necessary to help reduce the potential for recurrence. Individuals who qualify can schedule appointments with an advanced practice nurse.

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